What will happen if you are arrested for murder in Texas?

Do not do unto others, what you want others do unto you. That is a very popular saying in the world that we must always keep in mind. If you do good things, then something good will happen to you. But, if we kill someone intentionally or not, the law will not kill us. Instead, we will be arrested and will be on trial. If the only punishment for killing someone is death, then there will be no chances for us to change and regret. A life was lost but, life is not always a punishment for our action.

There are those who revenge for the loss of their loved ones. They are seeking for justice and they hold the law on their hands. They kill people because they have lost someone’s life. But, those are not the right things to do. Someone has done a serious crime to your family or loved ones, so you must not do the same thing if you love life. We should not let ourselves suffer and get arrested for murder, too. Pretty sure that we do not want to end up spending the rest of our lives in jail.

When you commit a crime, causing death of another person, then that is murder. Loss of someone’s life is a serious criminal offense and you have to be responsible for this action. There is a criminal justice system in Texas and there are laws about these cases. There will always be a penalty for every criminal offense and we have to face the consequences of our actions. If you are interested and need to learn about a murder offense, then you must get more info for your reading.

Murder and Capital Murder

In Texas, a person has committed murder after causing death to someone, intentionally seeking a serious bodily injury to someone committing a dangerous move, resulting in someone’s death; committing or attempting to do felony or manslaughter; and committing or attempting to murder someone, causing death.

A capital murder can also be defined in different situations. First, when you murder a peace officer or a fireman on duty. Second, when you intentionally kill someone while in the act of your attempt to kidnap, threat, rob or sexually assault someone. Third, when you are hired to kill someone. Fourth, when you kill someone while trying to escape from penal institutions. Fifth, when you kill someone while you are imprisoned. Sixth, when you kill a child who is ten years old and below. Seventh, when you kill someone, who is working in the judiciary.

Degrees of Murder Cases

The first degree murder is an offense that is similar to a capital murder. Under this degree, the murderer has purposely and planned to kill someone, which means that it is his decision to do such act. This only shows that the killing was intentional.

For the Second degree murder case, there is no planning involved. There was an imprudent action, causing someone’s death. It may not be your intention to kill another person, but the act of killing was done. So, you are still charged with murder.

When it comes to the Felony murder, you have killed someone while you are doing a serious felony, such as bank robbery. Sometimes, the killing was not planned because the intention of the crime is to rob or do a felony crime and not to kill.

Punishment for Murder Cases in Texas

If a person was charged with murder or capital murder, then he will be convicted for 5 – 99 years of imprisonment. The convict will also pay $10,000 total fine.

But, if the convict was charged with a capital felony offense, then he will face life imprisonment or death penalty. Only those convicts, whose age is below 18 receives a life imprisonment punishment and this is mandatory. And then for convicts, who is 18 and above, will receive a life imprisonment without a parole and this is also mandatory.

Your defenses to this case

If you are accused in a murder case in Texas, you still have available defenses. You have a lack of intent or knowledge, insanity, self-defense, intoxication and heat of passion

These things may be used during the trial. So make sure to get a criminal defense lawyer.

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