Top senseless laws in the world

Every country has its own laws and some of them tend to be ridiculous. When some people do silly things that result in public disturbance, governments try to correct the flaws by adding laws which at a first glance sound very senseless. There are many examples all over the world, but we compiled a bunch of them that you haven’t heard before.

UK House of Parliament

For someone who doesn’t know much about UK’s House of Parliament, it is one of the most incredible architectural sites in the United Kingdom. Because it is a royal palace it has its own laws that people inside have to cope with.

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One the laws include that it is illegal to die in the House of Parliament. If it happens to someone they are entitled to a state funeral. So, if you look a little bit sick, they will carry you out of precaution. There are other places that death is prohibited.

Bullet-proof vest

One of the craziest laws in the US is in the state of New Jersey. If you plan to do something bad, there is a law which states that besides the crime it is forbidden to have a bullet-proof vest on while committing it. If a robber is going to break the law anyway, they obviously won’t pay attention to this law. Many sites like this site can help you out to learn what kinds of laws exist that you need to be aware of.


When we talk about the city of love we usually think about Paris. But, they maybe took it too far with love. One of the French laws says that it is legal to marry a dead person. The only condition that you need to fulfill is that you have been engaged before that person has died. When people say love is eternal, French meant it literally.

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We know that Dubai is the richest city in the world, with exclusive hotels and police supercars, with all kinds of unique luxuries. Many people unknowingly have broken the law and spent a month in jail. The law says that it is illegal to kiss in public places or any display of affection. Government in the United Arab Emirates is trying to make the state more traveler-friendly, but some laws are just way too much.

Being fat

Much weight has been put on the health system by obese people. Some countries are trying to accept this epidemic, but there are few that want to make a change in society. Japanese government actually banned possibility to be fat and not pay for it somehow. This is maybe harsh for some people, but they have put the limit on man and woman when it comes to size. For the man over forty, the acceptable waist size is 33 inches, and for the woman over forty, at 35 inches. There are many articles that explain how being fat isn’t acceptable like around the world.

Colored animals

The state of Ohio was a viral thing which included coloring bunnies and chicks. It spread so much that the state had to make a law to prevent it. Now, no person or a company is allowed to color bunnies, chicks, or ducklings. Also, selling or giving away is forbidden even if the coloring happened out of the state. They maybe are cute, but some have been injured. Click here to read more about it.

One more thing that came across governments mind was about the number of poultries that can be given or sold. The law stands for poultry younger than four weeks, and it says that they can’t be sold in a pack less than six. This law is understandable when we look at how many of them are being separated when born.

Cheating on test

We know that cheating on a test is unfair and that the teacher can punish us for doing it. When it comes to higher education, usually what you can expect is to be expelled, depending on the exam. Well, some countries are trying to stop cheating for good, but when it comes to India, this commitment is maybe too much. In 1997 the law was passed which can lead to 10 years in prison for cheating.

India is very tough when it comes to the law. The cow is a symbol of greater meaning to their people, so if someone finds its meat, that person who owns it can spend 5 years in prison.

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