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Top senseless laws in the world

Every country has its own laws and some of them tend to be ridiculous. When some people do silly things that result in public disturbance, governments try to correct the flaws by adding laws which at a first glance sound very senseless. There are many examples all over the world, but we compiled a bunch of them that you haven’t heard before.

UK House of Parliament

For someone who doesn’t know much about UK’s House of Parliament, it is one of the most incredible architectural sites in the United Kingdom. Because it is a royal palace it has its own laws that people inside have to cope with.

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One the laws include that it is illegal to die in the House of Parliament. If it happens to someone they are entitled to a state funeral. So, if you look a little bit sick, …


Expert Personal Injury Advice To See You Through

When you suffer from a personal injury, you may not be thinking about the law. Instead, you may be focused on how to get better. While that is fine, you should also understand how personal injury law works so you are well prepared for what is to come. This article will give you the important facts of personal injury law.

Detail injuries as well as you can when you write down what happened. Be sure to note cuts, scrapes, bruises, broken bones and so on. Do not forget to write down the list of bruises and bumps you get. Do not underestimate the mental impact of your injuries such as stress.

One of the most common types of personal injury lawsuits involve injury from a defective product. Products on the market are required to be safe for use, and when it can …